Preview Creatures of Ruin RPG

Preview Creatures of Ruin RPG

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Centuries in the future, the Earth has been shattered by an environmental disaster known as the Great Quakes. Human cities sunk into the fractured ground, killing off nearly the entire race. The final human city, Bastion, on the coast of the Infinite Ocean — one side facing the sea, and the other facing the endless wasteland, the dusts, where the monsters roam.

The land has been overtaken by crab monsters known as desertwalkers. Desertwalkers range in size and shape, but they’re massive, carnivorous, and equipped with claws. No one dares go beyond the city walls of Bastion — except the scavengers, who dig in the dusts in hopes of recovering ancient technology that they can sell. The scavengers must learn to live amongst the desertwalkers, and in doing so they must learn to either fight them, or coexist.

In this game, you may choose to play as human or as desertwalker, and you may choose the path of peace or destruction.

About the creator:
Alex Kingsley (they/them) is a writer, comedian, game designer, and amateur mycologist. They are a co-founder of the new media company Strong Branch Productions, where they write and direct sci-fi comedy podcast The Stench of Adventure and other shows. Their short fiction has appeared in Translunar Travelers Lounge, Radon Journal, The Storage Papers, and more. In 2023 they published their short story collection, The Strange Garden and Other Weird Tales. Their debut novel Empress of Dust will be published by Space Wizard Science Fantasy in Fall 2024. Alex’s sci-fi play “The Bearer of Bad News” premiered in LA in 2022 produced by the Annenberg Foundation, and their sci-fi play Unplanned Obsolescence premiered in Philadelphia in 2023 as part of Cannonball Festival. Alex’s SFF-related non-fiction has appeared in Interstellar Flight Magazine and Ancillary Review of Books. Their games can be downloaded pay-what-you-will at

Location: Goblin Market, 2868 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago IL 60657

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