Loud: Stories to Make Your Voice Heard

Loud: Stories to Make Your Voice Heard

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“No one can do it for you, but you don’t have to do it alone.”

Big names in Italian comics gathered in a unique and powerful anthology to say enough to gender-based violence.

Ellie, Sabrina, Rose, Laura, Liz, Camilla. Their stories touch us deeply because they happened and they happen to us too, to our sisters, friends, neighbors.

Sometimes we don’t even realize it, we minimize it, we don’t have the tools to understand, react, talk about it out loud. And that’s exactly why this book was born: to break the silence and fill it in our stories and our words, to ensure that situations like this never happen again.

Gender-based violence takes many forms, from subtle manipulation to outright physical abuse, and it knows no boundaries. Loud: Stories to Make Your Voice Heard is a powerful anthology curated by a feminist collective of Italian comics creators working in solidarity to unite, support, and empower others in the fight against toxic masculinity, both in the comics industry and beyond.

Publisher: DARK HORSE

Category: Graphic Novels

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