My Dearest Patrolman Vol. 1

My Dearest Patrolman Vol. 1

$12.99* New Release In-stock (last updated 07/10/2024)

A young patrolman harbors secret feelings for a middle-aged shop owner on his beat!

Shin Nakamoto was a troubled youth until a local patrolman saved him from a nasty beatdown one night. Inspired by the patrolman’s heroism and good looks, Shin suddenly had a goal in his aimless life—to become a patrolman and serve at the same station as his crush! But after a decade of pursuing his dream, Shin discovers that Seiji has retired from the force to run his family’s tiny convenience store.

Resigned, Shin has to settle for seeing Seiji when they run into each other about town or when Shin makes a point of stopping at his store. Shin believes he's content with that, but one night Seiji changes everything by bemoaning his lack of romantic prospects and mentioning he might as well try his luck with guys. Now Shin has a new goal in life—to win Seiji's heart!

Publisher: SUBLIME

Category: Manga

Release Date: 07/09/2024

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