The Moon on a Rainy Night Vol. 3

The Moon on a Rainy Night Vol. 3

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A high school girl’s chance encounter with an enigmatic female classmate whose musical aspirations were complicated when an accident almost completely took her hearing leads to the slow blossoming of love. Perfect for fans of yuri series like Whisper Me a Love Song and sweet, sophisticated romances like A Sign of Affection.


Saki’s confusion about her feelings for Kanon only deepens when Kanon ends up spending the night due to a situation at home. As the two girls are lying in bed facing each other, Kanon tells Saki about her conflicting dreams for the future: she wants to live on her own someday, but she also wants someone around whom she can count on—someone like Saki. Kanon drifts off to sleep, but Saki remains awake long into the night, wrestling with the turmoil within her. All she knows is that she can’t go on like this much longer…


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