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For curious minds seeking a curated selection of manga, comics, games and more—Goblin Market is opening as Chicago’s destination for first-timers and enthusiasts alike. Step inside, explore our collection and always ask us questions. We’re delighted you are here.

From Ryvre, Don (Duck), and Daniel,

We are thrilled to announce the opening of Goblin Market this Fall at 2868 N Lincoln Avenue in Chicago!

Goblin Market will carry an extensive collection of manga, manhwa, and manhua displayed on our custom built shelves! Our comic and graphic novel selection will focus on horror, scifi, fantasy, LGBTQ+, and independent works, plus a curated selection of our favorite superheroes.

In addition to staples like Dungeons & Dragons, Goblin Market will have Chicagoland's largest collection of independent tabletop and live action role playing games. Our board game and CCG play space is slated to open in early 2024.

Goblin Market will stock Gunpla, miniatures, paints, painting supplies, and more. We'll also stock craft kits from needle felting to DIY manga risers. Additionally, we plan to hold painting classes and craft nights starting in early 2024.

We look forward to seeing you in our store! Until then, stay up-to-date with our progress and new offerings by signing up for our mailing list below.

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